In-Vehicle Technologies

In a world driven by technology, it would only be appropriate that technology be with you when you drive.

In-vehicle technologies may differ by brand and model, and are always changing and advancing, but below you will find a number of ways that technology has become a part of GM vehicles across the Cadillac, Chevrolet, Buick, and GMC vehicle lineups.


OnStar is a paid service that uses satellite infrastructure to ensure you are connected and protected when you need it most no matter where you may be. OnStar is exclusive to GM and can be found across the Cadillac, Chevrolet, Buick, and GMC line us in over 30 vehicles in total. For more information on subscription packages and pricing contact OnStar.

OnStar has five key purposes:

 1- Emergency 

If you require assistance due to an emergency or severe weather conditions, OnStar provides help even if you aren't able to ask for it through the following features:

  • Automatic Crash Reponse - OnStar Advisors can be automatically alerted and predict severity of possible injuries with the help of built-in sensors. An OnStar Advisor is then connected to your vehicle immediately to see if you need help, even if you can't ask for it yourself. You don't have to worry about a thing.
  • Emergency Services - Push the red SOS emergency button and get a priority connection to an OnStar Advisor who can direct emergency services to your location and offer assistance until help arrives.
  • Crisis Assist - Our OnStar Advisors can provide a fast and knowledgeable resource if you need emergency assistance, escape routes or other resources in severe weather conditions or a crisis (Some examples include but are not limited to: thunderstorms, tornados, flooding,  hurricanes, winter weather, energy/power outages, hazardous material situations, terrorist activity, earth quakes, landslides, tsunamis, wildfires, or volcanic eruptions)
  • Roadside Assistance - If you experience trouble with your vehicle while driving, ask an OnStar Advisor to use GPS technology to locate a nearby service provider and direct them to your location. All at no charge to you. (Roadside Assistance includes, but is not limited to: Lock-Out Service, Emergency Tow from a Public Road or Highway, Flat Tire Change, Battery Jump Start, Emergency Fuel Delivery)

2- Security
Having your vehicle stolen is a nightmare no one wishes to ever have to experience, but if you do ever have your vehicle stolen, OnStar gives you the power to fight back with Stolen Vehicle Assistance security features.

  • Remote Ignition Block - Vehicle thieves won't get far with your vehicle with the OnStar Remote Ignition Block. This features allows a signal be sent from OnStar that blocks the engine from starting so when a thief tries to restart the vehicle, they won't be going anywhere.
  • Stolen Vehicle Slowdown - This OnStar security feature allows OnStar to send a signal to your vehicle that will gradually slow the vehicle once the police confirm the conditions are safe to do so. This not only helps authorities recover your vehicle, but also helps reduce high-speed pursuits which put the public in danger.
  • Theft Alarm Notification - This new OnStar feature allows you to be notified immediately by text, email or phone call (your choice) if your car alarm sounds after you've locked your vehicle doors. After you report your vehicle as stolen, contact an OnStar Advisor for Stolen Vehicle Assistance.

3- Navigation


OnStar Navigation provides high-tech guidance with a human touch, helping you find your way anywhere conveniently and safely.

  • Turn-By-Turn Navigation - With an easy push of the OnStar button, an Advisor will get you directions for wherever you need to go. Directions can also be sent to your in-vehicle navigation system using your vehicle's mobile app. An OnStar Advisor can also help you with a database of over 14 million points of interest.
  • Destination Download - It's never been easier to input destinations into your car's screen-based navigation system. It's as simple as pushing the OnStar button and asking the Advisor to download directions to your vehicle.
  • AtYourService - This new way to discover the places you go provides you with better ways to eat, shop, and play no matter where you are. When not driving, you can get valuable offers delivered directly to your vehicle's mobile app or, for Guidance Plan subscribers, through an OnStar Advisor with a press of the blue OnStar button. Our Advisors can also help you find and book a hotel room through when you need it most.

4 - Connections


Stay in contact and in control with a vehicle connected by OnStar. 

  • OnStar 4G LTE and Wi-Fi hotspot - With OnStar $g LTE, your car has its own Wi-Fi hotspot, with the ability to connect up to seven tablets, laptops or other devices at 4G LTE speed. 
  • Hands-Free Calling - With built-in wireless service, you can stay connected when your cell phone isn't available. You can choose from newly-available monthly plans or a prepaid bundle.
  • Third Party Apps & Services - OnStar has connected with select third party providers of apps and services. By leveraging the unique connect between OnStar and your vehicle, these services offer you innovative and personalized features.

5 - Vehicle Manager


Vehicle Manager services from OnStar help you manage and maintain your vehicle, learn how to driver smarter and more efficiently, and ensure you always know your vehicle's location.

  • Diagnostics Report - Your vehicle can run a monthly thorough check of its engine, transmission, antilock brakes and more, and email you the results. Should you want to run a diagnostic check while you're behind the wheel, just ask an OnStar Advisor to run one for you.
  • OnStar Smart Driver - Improve your performance behind-the-wheel with OnStar Smart Driver. This feature allows you to receive information about your driving behaviour, tops on becoming a smarter driver, and potentially even qualify for insurance discounts from participating providers.
  • Remote Access - Remote Access allows your to start your engine, lock and unlock your doors, honk the horn and flash the lights from anywhere.
  • Location Manager - This feature allows you to know where your vehicle is at all times. Can't remember where you parked? Just open up the app to find your car's location. If family memebers travel on their own, you can use OnStar Family Link to see your car's location on a map at any time.

SiriusXM Satellite Radio

SiriusXM Satellite Radio gives you more listening choices wherever you go. Whether you are going across town, across the country, or across the border, SiriusXM Radio has more of what you want to hear.

What is SiriusXM Radio?

SiriusXM is a satellite radio you can subscribe for that gives you a broad selection of formatted listening options across a wide range coast-to-coast. Factory-installed SiriusXM is available on most GM vehicles and standard on many models. 

So what makes SiriusXM your ideal choice for listening enjoyment?
  • Access to music, news, sports, entertainment, comedy, kids/family programming, and so much more
  • Channels dedicated to a wide variety of specific music genres
  • All music channels 100% commercial-free
  • Signal coverage from coast-to-coast
  • Parental controls
  • Real-time artist/song display
  • Additional units available from home use
  • Available access to SiriusXM online

How Does SiriusXM Radio Work?

SiriusXM uses advanced satellite technology to ensure you have superior reception whenever and wherever you are out on the road.

The SiriusXM signal is beamed to powerful satellites on each coast for optimum signal coverage. The signal is then related across a network of ground antennas known as "repeaters". This process allows reception to be possible across the country and even in challenging geographic locations such as valleys and inner-city areas. The result, SiriusXM stations come through in clear, digital-quality sound.

Since SiriusXM is only one band on your radio, you'll still be able to listen to your favourite local AM and FM stations by simply using the BAND or SOURCE button to switch between AM, FM, and SiriusXM.

SiriusXM Factory Installation

A factory-installed SiriusXM system in a GM vehicle is the best way to experience SiriusXM as it has several important advantages over "aftermarket" satellite receivers. These advantages include:

  • Integration - A factory-installed SiriusXM receiver is fully integrated into the vehicle design so you get a clean installation and appearance, and full use of radio and steering wheel-mounted controls, and it's covered by our New Vehicle Limited Warranty.
  • Performance - A factory-installed SiriusXM receiver has optimal digital antenna placement and performance without unsightly power cords or antenna wires in the passenger compartment, whereas choosing an aftermarket receiver may require drilling a hole in  your vehicle's roof or running a wire out of your trunk lid.
  • Quality - Factory-installed SiriusXM receivers are connected directly to the vehicle stereo so you can enjoy pure digital sound. Many aftermarket receivers use an FM-modulator to re-broadcast the digital SiriusXM signal over a regular FM radio frequency.

Cadillac Cue

Blending practical technology, highly intelligent design, and the intuitive controls of smartphones and tablets, the Cadillac CUE delivers a comprehensive experience focused on safe, connected driving. Effortless as it is advanced, CUE also features Enhanced Voice Recognition.

The primary features that are accessible on your CUE centre touch-screen can also be displayed on your Driver Information Centre's instrument cluster or on your customizable instrument cluster (in select models). Both can be accessed via your steering wheel controls, allowing you to safely keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel.

Some highlights of the Cadillac CUE system:

  • Cadillac CUE can access every contact and song in your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone so you are always connected to the important information in your phone while keeping your focus and eyes on the road ahead.
  • Allow the system to catalogue your songs on your iPod/iPhone or other USB media device by plugging them into the USB port hidden in a storage compartment located directly behind the CUE faceplate and easily access the music using Natural Voice Recognition, steering wheel controls or the touch screen.
  • Stay connected while you keep your hands on the steering wheel. Pair CUE with your Bluetooth enabled phone and say what you want it to do, such as "Call home". You can navigate your phone book or recent call list from the steering wheel controls or by using the CUE touch screen interface when safe to do so. 
  • In a navigation equipped Cadillac vehicle you can also find your way with the 3D GPS navigation featuring turn-by-turn directions. With a simple swipe of a hand, maps can enlarge and OnStar Turn-by-Turn Navigation can be moved from the centre display to the optional customizable instrument cluster (available on select vehicles).

Chevrolet myLink

Entertainment. Connection. Control. 


MyLink is the infotainment system found in many Chevrolet vehicles. Using the latest in touchscreen and voice-recognition technology Chevrolet MyLink allows you to connect devices including compatible smartphones, iPods/iPhones, MP3 players, Bluetooth-enabled devices and USB drives, giving you access to thousands of your songs, your phonebook, Internet radio, and over 120 channels of SiriusXM radio all in one place and all with just the sound of your voice!

Chevrolet MyLink radio also offers the entertainment of Stitcher SmartRadio, Gracenote, and a USB connection for flash memory capability, and an enhances hands-free control system that makes it simple for drivers to use while navigating the road.

While past Chevrolet vehicles have featured iPod integration, it was nothing like the way it is now. You can now pair your smartphone via Bluetooth with MyLink, or plug in your iPod, iPhone, or USB media device and the system catalogues your songs and allows you to easily access them using enhanced voice control, steering wheel controls, or MyLink's touchscreen.

Chevrolet MyLink operates on an app-based interface. To access apps, including Stitcher SmartRadio which is already loaded into your MyLink system, press the corresponding icon on your MyLink touchscreen.

If your vehicle is equipped with the available built-in Navigation features, you can access maps, driving directions and more - directly from your MyLink home screen. Touch the Navigation icon for 2D or 3D maps, to pinpoint your exact location, or even to locate nearby points of interest. Select the Destination icon to get directions or access your frequently travelled routes. 

With the new Voice-To-Text feature you now have direct access to your smartphone voice features; listen to or respond to an incoming text message, have email alerts read or access your device's media content while your device is safely stowed. Your hands stay on the wheel and driving remains your main focus. It's as easy as connecting your phone to the system and pushing the voice command button on the steering wheel.

If you are an iPhone user, you now have Siri Eyes Free at your command. Push and hold the steering wheel voice button and Siri gives you the ability to select and play music, respond to text messages as well as listen to and create reminders or notifications and other phone enabled MyLink Voice-To-Text features.

Buick & GMC IntelliLink

Buick's IntelliLink Infotainment radio offers Stitcher SmartRadio entertainment, Gracenote, a USB connection for flash memory capability, and an enhanced hands-free voice control system that makes it easy for drivers to use while navigating the road. 

Connect your smartphone to your vehicle without the use of wires, explore the high-resolution touchscreen display and top-notch technology that all comes together to allow you to stay in control without using multiple devices.

Get access to endless entertainment and your full music library, phonebook, Internet radio and over 120 channels of SiriusXM by connecting a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone, iPods/iPhones, MP3 players, or USB drives and using the voice control so your focus can stay where it belongs - on the road. The system also catalogues your songs when a device is connected so it's as easy as using steering wheel controls, IntelliLink's touchscreen, or simply using the enhance voice control to say, "Play artist _______" and let the soundtrack for your road trip begin!

Just like the latest smartphones and tablets, Buick IntelliLink operates on an app-based interface. Great apps - including Stitcher SmartRadio - are already loaded into your IntelliLink system. To access apps, press the corresponding icon on your IntelliLink touchscreen. 

Buick IntelliLink gives you the capability of a smartphone on your radio screen. But it hasn't forgotten about the classic radio; it's just made it easier to use. Whether you're listening to AM or FM radio or using a CD, IntelliLink lets you use the same capabilities that make it so simple to use. Just say a station and IntelliLink will switch there in an instant, letting you keep your hands on the wheel. 

If your vehicle is equipped with the available built-in Navigation features, you can access maps, driving directions and more - directly from your IntelliLink home screen. Touch the Navigation icon for 2D or 3D maps, to pinpoint your exact location, or even to locate nearby points of interest. Select the Destination icon to get directions or access your frequently travelled routes. 

With the new Voice-To-Text feature you now have direct access to your smartphone voice features; listen to or respond to an incoming text message, have email alerts read or access your device's media content while your device is safely stowed. Your hands stay on the wheel and driving remains your main focus. It's as easy as connecting your phone to the system and pushing the voice command button on the steering wheel.

Other GM Technologies

The in-vehicle technologies mentioned above are available in many models across the GM lineup of Cadillac, Chevrolet, Buick and GMC. There are also technologies specific to certain models or trim levels including Teen Driver technology, and many technologically advanced safety features. For details on vehicle specific technologies, watch the videos featured below or contact Myers Cadillac Chev Buick GMC.

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